1. How to purchase your product?


Download the software and install it in your computer. Launch the software and you will see the popped-out Registration window. Click button “Purchase” to finish the purchase procedure. Then check your e-mail and you will find an e-mail included the User Name and Registration Code. Copy and paste the User Name and Registration Code into the blanks of the Registration window. Click button “Register”.

Note: Please provide valid e-mail address when you fill the order form because the User Name and Registration Code will be sent there.



2. How to become a registered user?


First of all, you have to purchase the software from the official website of iCoolsoft. You can also launch the trial version you have downloaded, and click “Help” – “Purchase” to purchase the software. Then you will receive an email included the User Name and Registration Code.

Each time you launch the trial version, you will see the Registration window. You can also click “Help” – “Register” to open the “Registration” window. Copy and paste the user name and registration code into the corresponding blanks. Please make sure that what you have copied is exactly the registration code without any space before or after it.



3. What’s the difference between the trial version and the registered version?


A trial version has the following limitations:

1). The maximum 5 minutes conversion of a more than 5 minutes file.

2). With a less than 5 minutes file, you could only convert half of it.


The benefits of a registered user include:

1). No conversion time limitation.

2). Free technical support.

3). Free upgrades.



4. How can I get the free trial version of the software?


Download the software from iCoolsoft official website. Install it in your computer. When you launch the software, you will see a Registration window. Click “Order Later” then you can use the trial version of the software freely.



5. Why can’t I receive the registration code?


1). Normally the e-mail will be sent to you immediately after you finish the purchase procedure. While sometimes because of the network or something, it may delay for a couple of minutes. Please re-check.

2). Your settings about your e-mail may deliver the e-mail into Trash. Check there.

3). The e-mail address you provided while filling the purchase order is invalid. Contact us, please.

4). Your e-mail service provider rejects e-mails from unknown senders. Contact us, please.



6. How can I retrieve my registration code?


Please email us (refer to our Support Center), telling us your Order ID, User Name, and the E-mail address you provided when you purchased our software.



7. How to update my iCoolsoft software?


iCoolsoft provides free upgrade for registered users. Download the updated version from the official website of iCoolsoft and install it in your computer. Register with the registration code you have. Just make sure the old version is not running when you are installing the updated version.



8. How to uninstall iCoolsoft Applications in Mac OS X?


iCoolsoft applications are all bundles. So if you want to uninstall any of iCoolsoft applications, you just have to find the corresponding .app icon in the Finder, and remove it to the Trash.



9. How can I get a CD-ROM of the software?


In the Order Form, add the Backup CD item to your cart.



10. Why do I have to pay $6.75 more than the price stated in your website?


Our third party payment platform, Regnow, provides an Extended Download Service to back up your software online for two years. It charged $6.75. It is listed under our software in the order form by default. You can select to remove it by clicking the trash icon.