How to Edit Video Files?

Nowadays,more and more people want to save their most interesting moment in pc and Mac.And some  people want to share their important envet with friends and family menbers.Or some people may upload the fanscinating things on Internet like youtube or face book to let other people to have fun.With the development of science technoligy,people can take pictures and shoot video when they want to.After we shoot the  video,does it really have the quality to satisfy you evertime?Can it sure there is no flaw in the video?If there is no perfect condition to shoot movie?What should you do?Just give up?No you don't need to do that!With the help our iCoolsoft HD Video Converter,you can do whatever you want.And we do have the iCoolsoft HD Converter for Mac.Then,just do the following steps to edit the video as you want to.

Tips for You to Edit Your Video

First of all, download our iCoolsoft HD Video Converter.

Second,launch and run it.

Third,import you video files you want to edit.

Then,you can edit your video at ease.

> Effect

You can click button "Effect" to adjust Brightness, Contrast and Saturation. You can also check "Deinterlacing" checkbox to avoid mosaic and improve the quality of the video.



> Trim

If you only want to convert a segment of the entire video or do not want to convert some certain segment of the video, you can use the trim function. Click button "Trim" and play the video in the Edit window. You can either drag and or click and to set the start time and the end time of the clip you want to trim out. Besides, there is the third way which is to input the exact start time and end time or one of them and the time duration. Button is used to play the clip you have set.



> Crop

To get rid of the black border or to zoom in some part of the scene, you can click button "Crop" and then drag the yellow frame or adjust the values in the boxes. You can also select "Full Screen", "Keep Original", "16:9" or "4:3" from the drop-down list of "Zoom Mode".



> Watermark

To add text watermark, check "Enable Watermark" and then "Text", input what you want to add in the blank. Button "T" can help you to set the font, size, color, etc. of the text.



To add picture watermark, you have to check "Picture" and click button to find the picture in your local disc. Dragging or adjusting the values in the boxes can help you to locate the watermark at the place you prefer.




Select the files you want to merge from the file list and then click "Merge". The new file will be automatically named as "Merge" and listed in the file list. You can select it and click "Rename" button to change its name.