How to Make iPhone Ringtones?

Almost everyone has a cellphone nowadays. So inevitably, when many people gather together, sometimes it is hard to tell whose cellphone is ringing. There are too many cellphones but quite few kinds of ringtones.


Here, we'd like to tell the iPhone users a very easy way to make ringtones of your own. With this method, you can not only separate your ringtone with the others' easily but also can hear whatever you want to here every time someone calls you. Your special ringtone might be a part of the soundtrack of a DVD, the part you like of a song, or even the recorded voice of the person you love. Isn't it amazing?


What we need to do first is to download and install iCoolsoft iPhone Ringtone Maker, then follow this detailed guide.


Step 1: Input original files. Click "Add File" button to input audio/video files or click "Load DVD" button to input DVD disc, DVD Folder, or DVD IFO file.


Step 2: You can listen to the added file by clicking button .


Step 3: Dragging and to set the start time and end time of the clip you want. Besides, you can also input exact time values in the "Start Time" and "End Time" boxes. You can click button to listen to the clip you set and make adjustment.



Step 4: Click button to set the local output folder.


Step 5: Check "Import to iPhone" option, the converted ringtone will be load to your iPhone directly.

Step 6: Click button to start creating ringtone.


Tip: Click to open the Manage Ringtone Window.
Choose the Ringtone Name that you want to manage. Click "Rename" to input new name. Click "Remove" to delete it from your iPhone. Click "Export" to export the ringtone to your local disk.